2020-21 COVID-19 Updates for MACS

  • On June 6 the NY State Department of Health released new guidance regarding masking in schools.

    • Face masks are required at all times in indoor school facilities, except for meals.
    • Effective June 7, 2021, face masks are not required to be worn outdoors on school grounds, including during outdoor sports. However, Responsible Parties may choose to require face masks outdoors on school grounds, subject to the parameters of this guidance. No student, teacher, staff member, or visitor may be prevented from wearing an acceptable face mask voluntarily on school grounds. 

    The loosening of that restriction means that we have the option of allowing our students, staff, and visitors to be outside without masks for recess, Physical Education, sports practices and games, and other activities. Beginning June 9, MACS will no longer require masking while outdoors on campus.  Social distancing protocols will still apply throughout campus.

    If you as a parent or guardian wish to have your child wear a mask while outside, please let the teacher know and we will support you in that decision. We will not compromise safety and appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

    Learning: We are very proud of the work that has been done to provide ongoing learning experiences for our scholars. Are you having difficulty with technology or are you in need of a student device or internet access? Please contact 315-963-5815 so we can assess how best to support you.

    The following links are designed to provide resources that address the needs of students who receive related services. 

    Mental Health Resources  Special Education Resources

    Wi-Fi Information: Internet issues at home? We offer a Wi-Fi connection in the parking lot near the High School football stadium that is available for free.

    MACS information will continue to come directly to you on the district mobile app (download for FREE in your app store), website and through our Blackboard System. Blackboard sends updates to the Parent/Guardian contact that is currently on file with the district. This includes emails, texts messages and phone calls. If you have not been receiving any of these updates, please contact us for help. Please note that limited information will be posted on the district’s social media sites regarding COVID-19. This is to ensure that all messages reaching our school community are accurate and that all information comes directly from the school district.

    MACS has followed the previous protocols from the Oswego County Health Department and the CDC and will continue to do so. There are five key mitigation strategies that are essential to safe delivery of in-person instruction and help to mitigate COVID-19 transmission in schools:

    • Universal and correct use of masks
    • Physical distancing
    • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
    • Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities
    • Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the health department

    Thank you for your flexibility and diligence as we seek to maintain continuity of learning in a safe manner.