• The Mexico Academy and Central School District Transportation Department welcomes you to the district. We would like to outline a few specifics explaining some operational procedures.

    TRANSPORTATION ZONES: Transportation for elementary students is provided within the Home School Attendance Zone only. For example, students living in the New Haven school area will not be transported to or from any other school zone except New Haven's. The only exception is if you have a sitter that is a registered or licensed day care within the Mexico Academy and Central School District. If you fall within this category, you must fill out a Transportation request and return it to the Transportation Department by April 1 every year.

    BABYSITTING SITUATION: All babysitting information should be filed with the school, which in turn will notify the Transportation Department. Sitters must be in your home school zone unless they are a registered or licensed day care.

    SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION REQUESTS: Special transportation requests may at times become necessary in emergency situations. This may occur, for example, when a parent or guardian is hospitalized or a student becomes ill or injured while at school. If these situations arise, the parent or guardian must contact the building principal, not the Transportation Department or bus driver. They will issue a bus pass with the information on it.

    DISCRETIONARY TRANSPORTATION: Discretionary transportation is transportation that may be provided to those who live within walking distance to school. Arrangements may be made through the Transportation Department by filling out a form. This must be done each year.
    WAITING FOR THE BUS: To provide a safe and orderly bus environment, students are expected to follow appropriate bus behavior. When problems arise, the transportation staff will inform parents as quickly as possible. Parents are encouraged to review and reinforce appropriate bus behavior with their children.

    • Be on time for the bus - 5 to 10 minutes ahead of scheduled bus arrival time.
    • Students should be visible as the bus approaches the stop.
    • Do not approach the bus until it has stopped and the door is opened.
    • After boarding the bus, sit down in the first available seat so the bus can continue safely on its route.
    • Be courteous to the driver and other passengers.
    • Be respectful and keep the bus clean.
    • Remain in your seat and keep head and hands inside the bus. (The bus driver is authorized to assign seats when necessary).
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus.