MACS holds annual Top 100 recognition dinner

The Top 100 students at Mexico High School were honored Monday, June 3 as top academic students from each of its four grades were celebrated during its 17th annual recognition dinner.

The tradition at Mexico Academy & Central School District celebrates the top 25 students from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes with a dinner and awards ceremony for the scholars and their families.

“The Top 100 Dinner is a way that we annually celebrate students who demonstrate diligence and high academic achievement on a consistent basis,” said MHS English teacher and Top 100 coordinator Shannon Bigelow. “Many of our students set goals to be part of the Top 25 of their class. The dinner is a way that the district can honor these students, and their families, for their excellence.”

In addition, 17 members of the senior class of 2024 were honored for being named to the top 25 during all four years of high school.

The ceremony was emceed by English teacher Joseph Deckman and was attended by a number of district administrators and Board of Education members.

Listed below are the honorees from each class in alphabetical order, with their photo above:

Senior Class of 2024

Grade 12

Katelyn Baker, Ethan Becker, Alexis Bickford, Ainsley Bigelow, Clarence Brownell, Everett Bryant, Samantha Buckley, Emily Burlingame, Hayden Combs, Hailey Comstock, Grace Dann, Daniel Gagnier, Mason Hancock, Rosina Hawkins, Thi Huynh, Ryan Jackson, Sage LaFlamm, Avery Mack, Alexander Marthia, Sean McWilliams, Harley Potter, Julianna Ricker, Hayliann Smith and Mara Williamson.

Class of 2025 Juniors

Grade 11

Robert Babcock, Bennett Bertollini, Wyatt Chamberlain, Ethan Clark, Brylea Connolly, Giana Cutuli, Wyatt Dann, Riley Gagnier, Timothy Gorman, Zoe Grzesik, Emily Hough, Natalee Judge, Cosette Laffan, Luke Lemke, Hailey Lindsley, Stefano Magro, Sarah Marsden, Colin McWilliams, Jalena Parkhurst, Kaden Perry, Isabella Ponzi, Cayden Roy, Kylee Urquhart, Samuel Warchol and Alissa Wilson.

Class of 2026 Sophomores

Grade 10

Ian Bonnie, Samuel Britton, Noah Caroccio, Toby Caroccio, Cheyenne Cook, Angela Davis, Olivia DeStevens, Katie Edwards, Kierstyn Ford, Rachel Gagnier, Jessica Hill, Makayleigh Holmquist, Cooper LaParr, Delaney Mack, Charles Miller, Angelina Nguyen-Truong, Kevin Perlet, Jenna Ricker, Carter Robert, Aubrey Shaffer, Emillie Stanard, Madalynn Tunis, Seanna Twiss, Avery Willis and Hailey Workman.

Class of 2027 Freshmen

Grade 9
Emma Belfield, Ian Bigelow, Sarah Bowling, Daniel Brown, Olivia Buckley, Jack Deckman, Lilah Donath, Noah Gagnier, Elizabeth Goupil, Madison Greenway, Cayden Hayes, Dylan Hoey, Madison Hopp, Mackenzie Hopp, Kinzy Laffan, Jesse Marthia, Nora Mattix, Kassondra Nuzzo, Danato Raponi, Isabella Redhead, Nataleigh Smith, Mattelyn Teifke, Racheal Tripp and Ethan Workman.

Special Honors Class of 2024

Above and Beyond (Top 25 standing all four years of HS)

Ethan Becker, Alexis Bickford, Ainsley Bigelow, Everett Bryant, Emily Burlingame, Hayden Combs, Grace Dann, Daniel Gagnier, Mason Hancock, Wyatt Hancock, Rosina Hawkins, Thi Huynh, Ryan Jackson, Sage LaFlamm, Avery Mack, Harley Potter and Hayliann Smith.