Mexico OCAY League team earns 3rd at event

The second OCAY League competition of the school year was held on November 15. The competition was titled “In Our Classical Era” and was Located at the DEC Training Facility in Pulaski.

Mexico's team earned third place, behind first place Sandy Creek and second place Oswego.

Students had to construct a working aqueduct to transport water, turn a classic painting into a sculpture, memorize and recite a classic poem and take a series of quizzes related to the theme.

The competition was judged by Linda Knowles, former OCAY League coach and retired English and art teacher from CiTi BOCES and SUNY Oswego.

Mexico's roster included Ainsley Bigelow, Madalyn Dann, Dakota DeFalco, Kenny Doria, Logan Haynes, Ryan Jackson, Avery Mack, Sarah Marsden and Sean McWilliams.

OCAY League was founded on the premise of academic excellence through the competition of schools in Oswego County. Teams are made up of eight to ten members and compete in various events throughout the school year, with the next event occurring in March.

OCAY League 3rd place