Soaring: Drone course takes students to new heights

The sky’s the limit for a new course offered by the Mexico Academy & Central School District.

Mexico High School’s Drone Technology class is helping students working toward earning their official drone licenses through the Federal Aviation Administration. 

“We’re so excited to be able to offer this opportunity for our students,” said MHS science instructor David Dzielak who helps teach the course. “As technology continues to evolve, it’s important students get their chance to learn about and with these new tools.” 

Dzielak said that this class is the first group of what they hope to be many cohorts of budding drone enthusiasts, and students will be able to move onto an advanced class in the second year of the program should they choose. 

During the class, students learn about regulations and rules for flying a drone in addition to the science and mechanics that help them work. Students also practice flying drones that have different types of control systems before they take their licensure tests. 

In addition to Dzielak, other teachers in the class include technology instructor Dave von Holtz and LAN technician James Rhinehart. The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation's Model Schools team also supports the teachers and students.

Students interested in signing up for the beginner level STEM course should talk to their guidance counselor. 

Drone class photo