Proud to be MACS: November 2022

Below are the remarks written by MACS Board of Education President James Emery and read aloud to honor the Proud to be MACS recipient for November, Karlene Krzyiewski of Mexico High School.

There are some employees that come to work each day, do what their job requires, then go home.  There are others that can’t wait to come to work, are filled with a passion while performing their jobs, and always seem to go above and beyond what is required.  Fortunately, at MACS, we have many examples of this latter group of employees and tonight we recognize one of the best examples, Karlene Krzyiewski, Teaching Assistant in charge of the Distance Learning Program at the Mexico High School as our Proud to be MACS recipient for November.

Karlene grew up in Hornell, New York.

For college, Karlene would attend Keuka College earning a Bachelor’s Degree with a math major and an accounting minor.

Following graduation, Karlene would marry Rick, whose degree from Alfred State University and experience serving in the US Navy would lead to a position with Alcan Aluminum, now Novelis Aluminum in Oswego.  Along the way, the couple would be blessed with children, Amanda, a pharmacy technician with Noble Specialty Pharmacy, Nikki, a chiropractor in Oswego, and Daniel, a salesman for Southern Glaser’s Wine and Spirits.  Karlene will receive another blessing this December as daughter Nikki is expecting; it will be Karlene’s first grandchild.

In 1986, after working a few years with Howard’s Office Supply, Karlene answered an ad for a substitute position with our District.

Karlene would work two months as a sub then spent two years as a Teaching Assistant at the Mexico High School.

She left her Teaching Assistant position to have daughter, Nikki and son, Daniel but would return to the District in 1995 as a sub.

In 1999, she assumed a Teaching Assistant position at the Mexico Middle School before returning to the Mexico High School in 2012.

In September 2017, Karlene started our Distance Learning program at the high school. Today, the program has some 35 students with 28 of the students meeting three times/week for on-line courses and seven students meeting every day for a session of a video course. Some examples of courses offered on-line are Intro to Psych, Human Communication, and Principals of Business.  Examples of the Video Courses are American Sign Language, Criminal Justice, Intro to Sociology, Public Speaking,  College Biology, and Critical Thinking. Besides the knowledge gained from these courses, our students can earn 36 or more credit hours that amount to one year’s worth of community college credits.

Another benefit to her to her Distance Learning students is that Karlene attempts to teach them valuable life lessons like preparing them to meet deadlines, encouraging them to communicate with their professors, warning them not to wait until the last minute to submit their work, and never be afraid of asking a professor a question.

In my opening, I mentioned passion. This characteristic is echoed by nominator, Amy Engle when she writes, “Karlene has passion for MACS and gives a great deal of her heart and soul to supporting the entire district, programs, all staff, and positive working relationships.”

Concerning Karlene’s commitment to her Distance Learning program, Amy writes, “She is an amazing facilitator of the distance and online learning program at MHS and has been instrumental in the success of this program since inception. Her problem solving with all stakeholders in this program has led to tremendous success.”

 Amy further writes, “I had a recent Summer conversation with Karlene were she was describing the way she supports the distance and online learning program at MHS and plans her vacation around when she needs to be available to accompany her students on field trips to be prepared for the program in the fall. She also spends countless hours prior to school starting organizing students’ schedules and communicating with professors to ensure success for the students.”

As for her favorite part of the job, Karlene loves working with her students and seeing the accomplishment of her students as they earn college credits.

As for her favorite memory, it was the awesome job her students in Public Speaking did during COVID. Karlene was impressed with their honesty and emotion.

In addition to her Teaching Assistant duties, Karlene serves as Vice President of MACS Faculty Association Union where she earned the praises of a retired association member, Judi Moison. Judi stated, “You couldn’t find a more honest, knowledgeable or more determined person to represent us in our union.”

Amy Engle adds, “Karlene’s leadership in MACSFA has helped build communication and a strong foundation for labor relations over many years.”

So Karlene, for going above and beyond as a Teaching Assistant and union officer, for teaching your students invaluable life lessons, for giving your heart and soul to the District, but, most importantly, for bringing passion to hour job each and every day, it is with great admiration that we, the Board, recognize you (for a second time in your career) as our Proud to be MACS recipient for November 2022.

Proud to be MACS November