Block M Awards 2022

Top scholar-athletes for the Mexico Tigers were honored during the annual Block M Awards, held at the Mexico High School football field to celebrate each team’s successes and present special awards.

MACS had a number of student-athletes reach the state and state qualifier level, several teams which qualified for the Section III playoffs and nearly every team earned academic honors for their work inside the classroom.

“This year sure has been crazy to say the least, but as I was doing some research and thinking back to the year I came upon a quote by the famous coach Vince Lombardi,” said Mexico Athletic Director Andy Gates as he opened the night. “He stated that ‘Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.’ I would like to challenge each of you as you move forward to chase perfection whether it be in athletics, college, your career, or in whatever areas you strive to be your best.”

Coaches and special guests then took the podium and gave out awards to more than three dozen student-athletes. Each coach took time to talk about the team’s season and triumphs both on and off the field.

The Lawrence Sparky Rector Athletes of the Year Award, given out last to the most outstanding athletes during the school year, went to seniors Kian Long and Briana Urquhart.

A full list of award winners is below. To view a full gallery of award winners, visit the MACS Facebook page at the following link:

MACS Block M Banquet

June 8, 2022

Lawrence “Sparky” Rector Athletes of the Year
Briana Urquhart and Kian Long

Linda Beyer-Shoults Memorial Scholarship
Kendall Cuyler

Jared R.K. Gates Scholarship Award
Ryan Gates and Joseph Reed

Edward Albright Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn Zedack and Kian Long

Brian Ariola Award
Aiden DeGroff

Charles Giovo II Award
Carolyn Zedack and Ryan Liedka

Wally Sutliff Memorial Award
Kendall Cuyler and Calvin Kitzschke

Charles Giovo Sportsmanship Award
Mackenzie Craig and Edward Sanderson

Cross Country MVPs
Aubrey Herrington and Daniel Gagnier

Football MVPs
Ethan West, Mark Hoadley, Jacob Hill

Boys Soccer MVP
Carter Jock

Girls Soccer MVPs
Adria Ariola, Grace O’Gorman, Lily Duschen

Fall Cheerleading MVP
Abigail Crawford

Girls Swimming and Diving MVPs
Alexa von Holtz, Serena Bardin

Girls Tennis MVP
Shelby Schumacher

Boys Golf MVP
Andre Burns

Girls Volleyball MVP
Emma Lawler

Girls Basketball MVP
Anyssia Ingersoll

Boys Basketball MVP
Teajinn Ingersoll

Winter Cheerleading MVP
Kierstyn Ford

Boys Swimming and Diving MVPs
Tyler Warner and Kian Long

Ice Hockey MVP
Codie Mashaw

Indoor Track and Field MVPs
Adria Ariola, Grace O’Gorman, Ethan Becker and Carter Jock

Wrestling MVP
Joseph Reed

Baseball MVP
Connor Dubois

Softball MVPs
Kendall Cuyler and Briana Urquhart

Boys Tennis MVP
Jacob Hill

Outdoor Track and Field MVPs
Giana Cutuli, Grace O’Gorman, Aden Renfer and Jackson LaParr

Lacrosse MVPs
Emily Parkhurst, Mackenzie Craig and Anyssia Ingersoll

Weight Training MVP
Payton Nelson