STEM skills, creativity used to best ModiFri challenge

Mexico Middle School students had to think critically and explore the creative process while assembling battery-powered cars and planes without any assistance from teachers.
Students in grades five and six just before the Thanksgiving holiday spent two hours meticulously constructing and testing their motorized vehicles which required critical thinking, putting together small parts and a lot of tinkering. The experience is entitled ModiFri and is described as a video-guided STEM experience.
“It was great,” said Mexico Middle School Principal Kimberly Holliday. “There was definitely a lot of frustration, anger, maybe even some tears but to see them overcome those challenges and their ultimate joy in figuring it out was amazing to see. I think the kids had a lot of fun with it.”
Students worked at their desks and struggled together, offering each other tips and an avenue to laugh off any frustrations. Teachers were allowed only to ask questions and could not assist the builders in any way.
Students tested their vehicles in the hallway and after constructing both, students were challenged to modify both projects into one without instructions.
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Mexico MS ModiFri work