How to Keep Your Laptop Healthy All Year Long!

By: Nicole Nicosia, LMS, Mexico HS Pierce Library
Here are some helpful tech tips to start the year off right and will be useful to remind students of throughout our school year!

Students should charge their laptops every evening - be sure the white light is on to show it is getting a charge.

The bitlocker error that students get is from allowing the battery to drain and not keeping it charged. They need to charge their devices just like they charge their phones.

Students should shut down their computers at the end of each day. Shutting down the laptop allows it to cycle through its updates. 

Have students restart their laptops if they are having connection or printer issues before they bring it to tech support in their building. Don't carry laptops in backpacks. This is a tough one because kids have a lot of stuff, but keyboard problems are often crush injuries or caused by being jostled in a backpack. We are realistic about this, but you need to know that this is the reason why their keys do not work, and keyboards need to be replaced.

These simple reminders can improve the health of a student's laptop and will also lead to less disruption in learning.