MS students learn to bake in Spanish

Students in Señorita Spath’s 8th grade Spanish class recently took advantage of our 100% remote learning in a unique way – learning to bake in Spanish!

In class, the students read the Spanish novel "Berto y sus buenos amigos" by Chris Stolz, a story about the crazy adventures of a young boy & his friends. One of their favorite chapters involved Berto and his friends cooking – it did not end well as his friend’s dogs jumped on the counter and ran off with the food.

To enhance their listening skills and comprehensible input, the students were given the opportunity to do some cooking of their own with Señorita Spath! Students learned to make galletas de azúcar by listening to directions in both Spanish & English during their Teams Meeting. For some, this was their first adventure in baking.

Several students had family members join them in this bilingual culinary event. The results were amazing, Spath said, and no one’s pet ran off with their food!

"Fun was had by all and many student requests were made to do this type of activity again," Spath said.

View a gallery of students working and their finished confections on our Facebook page at the following link: