Tech Tips and Tricks: Top 10

Top Ten Tech Tips to start off Tech Tuesday 2021

1. Keep your device in a safe location where it will not get damaged.

2. Be sure to charge your device fully every day.

3. Always perform a start menu, power, shutdown before closing your laptop.

4. If you can't get into Teams --> click on your photo/initials -->select sign out-->select sign in , check for updates in that same dropdown menu.

5. If you see a screen asking you to log in using Clever and you don't have a code, select “Log in with active directory”.

6. Be sure you are logged into your Mexico Google account before trying to use Kami in Schoology - go to Google and use your school email to log in prior to using Kami. Your school email is

7. If you are not connecting to the Wifi properly, perform a start menu, power, restart. Start menu, power, restart will always help with connection issues. Try a restart before you call.

8. If your computer appears to not be powering on but the light is on the power button, hold the power button until the light goes on, then power it on. Your laptop fell asleep.

9. If you can't use Teams or Outlook on your desktop, go to MACSNET and use it on the o365 portal - this is where your OneDrive is and all Microsoft apps. Log in with

10. If none of these tips work,  call Ms. Nicosia at 315-963-5815.