High School forms Student Senate

A Student Senate launched at the beginning of the school year is helping Mexico High School students have more say and create a direct link between them and the administration.

The senate meets monthly under the direction of Principal Ryan Lanigan, recently discussing a number suggestions, concerns and questions during their meeting, held virtually online.

“These meetings are really for you so we can all come together and get anything addressed that needs it,” Mr. Lanigan said. “We really appreciate your feedback and know sometimes students would rather go to other students to ask about something.”

The senate represents the high school’s student body in discussions regarding issues affecting students including school policies, code of conduct, student wellness, programming and initiatives and more.

This year’s senate includes Tyler Yankee (BOE Representative), Lyle Trimble (Speaker), Libby Sheldon (Senior Officer), Carter Richardson (Student Council), Lauren Salisbury, Aaliyah Pape, Liam Killian, Alexis Merritt, Sage Clement, Ainsley Bigelow and Avery Mack.

There is also a Senior Advisory Team for COVID which includes Anna Bigelow, Juliana Hernandez, Emma Hyde, Ryan Mosher, Reatha von Holtz, Libby Sheldon, Lyle Trimble, Tyler Yankee, Alivia Kelsey, Alli Kerr and Carter Richardson.

The senate is comprised of senators representing all four grade levels and one representative from the student council. Senators are nominated in the spring of the prior year and will serve one year.

Senators are nominated directly by faculty to the principal, and those who want to continue to serve on the senate after the year is up may do so with approval from the principal.

The senate is comprised of 12 members, usually three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen. Roles in the senate include the Student Board Member (elected by peers), Student Senate Speaker, Class Senate Officers, Student Council President and Vice President, Student Council Secretary and Council Treasurer.

The principal maintains authority over the senate and may offer the senate an opportunity to vote or otherwise influence policies or decision-making as appropriate.

“This is a great opportunity for them to learn more about leadership and get involved with our decision-making processes plus make suggestions as to how anything might be done more efficiently,” said Mr. Lanigan.

Students interested in learning more about the senate or student council can contact Mr. Lanigan.