County officials: Hundreds ready to talk

Oswego County released a video Tuesday, March 31 for a local update on the COVID-19 situation.

During this video conference, officials discussed the hundreds of people locally and statewide who are available to help you and your families get through this crisis.

“The COVID-19 crisis is a life-altering experience that we all share, even though we may react and manage that crisis very differently,” said county Director of Human Services Nicole Kolmsee. “If you are struggling in any way, please reach out and talk to someone.”

Whether it’s struggling to meet basic needs of the household, managing anxiety and emotions, struggling with at-home schooling, accessing routine healthcare, caring for those vulnerable or treating those who are ill, Kolmsee said everyone is in need of “support and kindness and resources at this time.”

The different services and phone lines are explained in the video, which can be found via

The Oswego County COVID-19 hotline can be reached at 315-349-3330.