Principal spends day outside after 10K books read

Lisa Voegler, the principal at Mexico Elementary School, had a bit of an unusual day earlier this week, spending her workday outside Monday in near-freezing temperatures.


But why? It turns out this principal was freezing for a reason.


At the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, Voegler challenged the students to read 10,000 books. She told them if they completed their goal, she would work outside for one day, expecting the student body to be finished in the warmer temperatures of spring.


Little did she know, the students would answer the call and crush their goal with more than 13,700 total books read as of Jan. 13, when Voegler braved the winter conditions to keep up her end of the bargain.


“At Mexico Elementary, all leaders are readers and all readers are leaders,” said Voegler, encouraging the students to “keep on reading” as an important life skill.


Voegler spent much of her day inside a hunting tent that she described as cozy. The weather of the day she spent outside was overcast with highs in the mid-30s, no precipitation and light wind.


“As far as winter days go, there could have definitely been worse around here,” Voegler said with a laugh prior to welcoming students off the bus.


School librarian Dianne Barnes, who helps the students keep track of their goal, said the students are now aiming for 25,000 books this year.


Of course, Barnes noted, the students are already coming up with ideas for another wild and whacky challenge for Voegler.

Mexico Elementary Principal Lisa Voegler greets students as she works outside

Principal Lisa Voegler welcomes students to Mexico Elementary School on Monday, Jan. 13 in front of her office for the day. Voegler spent her workday outside on a winter day after students successfully completed their school goal of 10,000 books.


Principal Voegler sticks her head out of her temporary office on Jan. 13 as she works outside

Principal Voegler pops her head out of her makeshift office on Monday, Jan. 13.