March 2017 Proud to Be MACS Honoree

Cindy Noble-Cook, MACS Bus Driver, has been named the March 2017 Proud to be MACS honoree.  Ms. Noble-Cook grew up in Mexico and attended the Mexico Schools.  She began her career with the MACS Transportation Department in 1991 as a school bus monitor.  She moved up to driving the MACS station wagon, then to a small bus.  By the mid-1990's Ms. Noble-Cook was driving the full-sized school bus.
Ms. Noble-Cook has driven a Palermo route in the past and is currently driving a Mexico route and a New Haven route.  She has also worked for the Mexico District part-time in the shipping and receiving department and served as a substitute in the cafeterias of all five school buildings.  All total, she has worked in the MACS Transportation Department for 26 years.
How does Ms. Noble-Cook feel about her job?  "I absolutely love this job and I love our district."  
Asked what her favorite part of her job is, she is quick to answer, "The kids.  I enjoy the differences of each child.  I enjoy just making the kid's day: changing the radio station for them, listening, showing them that I care - going that extra mile so they know."
"I also like that in our district the parents are interactive, they get involved and ask if their children are behaving on the bus," she continues.  "A majority of our parents are there to put their elementary children on the bus."  
Considering the Proud to be MACS Award, Ms. Noble-Cook says, "I'm just in awe.  I cannot believe it.  I'm excited."
Ms. Noble-Cook is mother to one son, Eric Cook who is a junior at Mexico High School, and a grown daughter, Dannielle Davis, who is working as a bus monitor in the Mexico District.  
Cindy Noble poses against a white wall