Palermo Elementary 4th graders show off music talents, life skills

Lessons of commitment, responsibility and patience were music to the ears of parents of Palermo Elementary fourth-grade students.


At the school, those life lessons have been intertwined with beginner band and showed off during the recent educational concert in the school cafeteria. Music teacher Glen Gagnier said the students’ first concert served as an opportunity to show guests how much they have learned. Throughout the past few months, the students have learned the fundamentals of band, including notes, measures, counting beats and how to properly care for their instrument.


“Anything to send you on a good path is quality learning,” Gagnier said. “If you actively participate in music, it does get to make you smarter; by doing music it helps you to be successful academically and socially.”


That is where those lessons of commitment, responsibility and patience come into play, he said. Consistency with those in band not only help create beautiful sound but they also create life-long, healthy habits. Music became more than singing songs and playing an instrument; it has prepared students for life beyond their elementary school.


Each student took turns reading a statement on what they liked best about their instrument. Cole Crouse said the saxophone has 23 keys and “it’s just a really awesome instrument.”


Similar concerts were also held at New Haven and Mexico elementary schools.


palermo elementary band concert performance