Five tie-breaker questions determine Battle of the Books winners

Members of “Return of the Reading Rockstars” Battle of the Books team at Palermo Elementary School held on as champions after they successfully won the friendly competition for two consecutive years.


Fourth-graders Jenna Ricker, Avery Willus and Makena Jewell were declared winners after a hard-fought book battle with several teams, including the second-place team, “Rocking Readers,” whose members are: Kassondra Nuzzo, Sampson Gillespy and Alice Truax. Originally in a tie for first-place, both teams answered five tie-breaker questions before the Return of the Reading Rockstars was declared the winner. The two teams have advanced to the Mexico Academy & Central School District district-wide battle at month’s end where they will compete against teams from Mexico Elementary School.


Librarian Tiffany Carpenter commended participants from the five total teams comprised of third-and fourth-grade students. She said it took much hard work and dedication to read 10 books in addition to their regular school work and extracurricular activities. During the battle, teams were given 30 seconds to answer a series of 16 questions that began with “In which book…” before a specific detail was provided.


One team representative recorded a key title word and key author word on paper, and a speaker had to say the full title and full author(s) in order to achieve the maximum of eight points, or five points for the correct title only. No points were awarded if only the author was correct.


Principal Margaret “Peg” Scorzelli encouraged the students to keep reading and achieving their goals.


“Not many kids in third- and fourth-grade took on this challenge, but you did,” she said before the students’ peers and guests erupted in applause and cheer.


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