Brittany Malone

  • I have been at Mexico CSD since 2016. I started in the middle school as an art and AVID teacher, then in 2020 I moved up to the high school, where I currently teach Studio Art, Advanced Painting and Ceramics. I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts from Oswego State University as well as my Masters in Art Education.

    Through participation in the Mexico Visual Arts Program, it is my hope that each student:

    • Develops and applies 21st century skills like
      • Critical thinking.
      • Communication skills.
      • Creativity.
      • Problem solving.
      • Perseverance.
      • Collaboration.
      • Information literacy.
      • Technology skills and digital literacy.
    • Develops confidence in their art making skills and creativity.
    • Find their own artistic voice.
    • Create and display art work in the school, the community and beyond.
    • Gain appreciation for the visual arts.