Courtney Pasco

  • Bienvenue! Welcome to French class! My name is Madame Pasco. I teach 7th and 8th grade French here at the Middle School and Spanish at the High School here in Mexico! I received my teaching credential from SUNY Oswego through a Master's program in secondary education, and a bachelor's degree in French and Spanish Language & Literatures from SUNY Oneonta. While in college, I studied abroad in Paris, France to practice the language and to learn all about the culture.

    My hobbies include travelling, spending time with my family and my pets, and reading and writing poetry!

    I look forward to teaching your student about the wonders of the French language. We will be doing a wide range of activities, including making skits and videos, writing short stories, reading articles and other texts, watching short movies, and speaking the language as much as possible. In class I want to maximize the time where your student is learning to use the language through reading, listening, writing and speaking. I want my students to be able to communicate with each other using the language. I look forward to being able to share my love of the language with your student this year!