Kimberley Harter

  • Welcome to Mexico High School! My name is Madame Kimberley Harter. I have began teaching French in the MACS school system in 1986. I began as a travel teacher between the middle school and the high school and am one of the original teachers who began the middle school foreign language program. I then moved to the high school, in 1991, and have taught French there since that time. At the high school, I teach French levels 1 through 5, FRE 201 & FRE 202 through SUNY @ OSWEGO, and serve as the advisor of the French Club and the French Honor Society. I also serve as the World Language Department Leader.

    Throughout my career, I have traveled to many Francophone countries with my students. Frequent visits include travel to Montreal, Quebec City, Paris and the south of France. I have also visited Belgium, Switzerland and Spain with my students. This year, I am planning a trip to France and Spain during the summer of 2016.

    During the year, I provide my students with many co-curricular cultural activities that enhance and support the classroom experience. As well, we complete a variety of community service activities, giving the students occasions to give back to their school and community. The French Club is most famous for our Semi-Formal Dance which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary!

    I am the mother of three children, two boys and a girl, all of whom have graduated from Mexico High School. My sons have graduated from college as well, and now work in the Mexico community. My daughter will begin college in the fall. I like to play soccer, swim, take photos and scrapbook. I am an avid nature lover and enjoy gardening and playing with my dog.

    I look forward to a great year ahead learning French and building a partnership with you and your children. My passion is to speak French, and I look forward to doing so everyday in the classroom with my students!

Kimberely Harter