1:1 Student Laptop Program

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  • Mexico Academy and Central Schools has a proud history of providing our students and teachers with quality technology and instructional tools to prepare our students for a global environment. For example, the majority of our teachers utilize web-based instructional and collaborative technology tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and Schoology for lessons, assignments, and instruction. As we expand the use of these kinds of tools, we are dedicated to ensuring full and equal access to them. In order to achieve this, the district will be providing each student in grades 2 - 12 with a laptop.

    • Students in grades 5 – 12 can bring their laptops home.
    • Students in grades 2 – 4 will have a laptop to use in school.
    • Students in grades Pre-K – 1 will have access to a class set of iPads to support learning and keyboarding.

    Our goal is to "Future Ready" our students with skills needed for the ever changing workforce. A survey of 343 executives of U.S. companies (Labi, 2014) found that the skills deemed most important for new hires was critical thinking and problem-solving, followed by collaboration, teamwork and communication. Our laptop program will be highly integrated with these skills. In addition, each student will now be able to make full use of online instructional tools, along with tools that can be used offline if the internet is unavailable.

    For details on laptop use and responsibilities, please review the 1:1 Student Laptop Handbook. See link under Quick Links.